War in Ukraine. Day 2.

The second day of the war can be described as scary to fall asleep for every Ukrainian. From Lviv to Kharkiv, from Kyiv to Odessa. There was a full-scale war of invasive nature. Europe has not seen such a thing in Europe for 80 years. And they did not expect to see, it because the hope was that Kyiv would fall quickly without large-scale hostilities.

Timeline of Russian aggression on February 25th

11:15 Dzhankoy, Russian military equipment is heading towards mainland Ukraine. Hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers, dozens of “Grads”.

11:47 In Kharkiv, a blow was made to a residential area near the Horse Market, most likely the “Uragan” or “Smerch” MLRS. The rocket did not explode.

Map of hostilities

The first reactions of Europe appeared. At this time, tens of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing the war. Air alarms are being heard in all regions of Ukraine, and an alarm system is being set up.

Confident in victory, Putin appealed to the Armed Forces to lay down their arms. Russian soldiers are not yet killing civilians, so civilians are able to stop tanks and prevent the advance of enemy columns.

12:55 At the anchorage №358 the missile hit the stern of the “NAMURA QUEEN” (Panama). Also, the ship of the russian federation lined up the bunker “MILLENNIUM SPIRIT” (Moldova).

13:00 The Russian occupiers cannot take the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region, so they are attacking the civilian population.

13:50 Due to the advance of Russian tanks and armored vehicles through the Chernobyl zone, the radiation state of the zone has increased.

15:30 Dmitry “Putin’s Mouth” Peskov said that the Kremlin is ready to negotiate the neutral status of Ukraine. This was almost the first time in history that the aggressor offered talks on the second day of the war. This indicates that the attack is not going according to plan.

People are taught to hide in bomb shelters and rules of conduct if the occupiers enter their city. At the same time, Russian sabotage groups have deployed in many cities. Markers of saboteurs are found on the roads and roofs of houses. Government asks people to cover those marks with something.

22:19 In Novoaydar, “new” and “old” bridges were blown up, and Shchastya was destroyed by 80% of the city.

23:17 Airfield and railway warehouse near Mykolaiv were attacked by russians.

00:38 The Russians surrounded Sumy, but the city has not yet established itself. Although their vehicles, as residents say, sometimes drive through the streets. Ukrainian flags everywhere.

Due to the high intensity of the attack, the Russian casualties were already 3,500 killed and slightly less than 200 prisoners.


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