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September 1, 2012

Ukrainians in Italy Stage Protest Against FEMEN

Representatives of Ukrainian diaspora in Italy were infuriated with the demonstration by the members of the Ukrainian women’s rights group FEMEN in November 2011 in Rome. Italian Ukrainians’ amateur theatre Berehynia has prepared an answer to the FEMEN activists and fellow Italians, who may have felt awkward after the appearance of bare-breasted activists.

The Anti-Femen performance, prepared by Berehynia amateur theatre troupe, is a parody on the protests by the young Ukrainian female activists. The director of the theatre, Vira Khyzha, explained that the performance is not offensive and does not feature any obscenity. The performance, which is almost ready to be staged, will offer the audience to laugh at the nonsense of the statement that “only Ukrainian housewives and prostitutes live in Italy”.

It’s been reported that many women of Ukrainian ethnicity and/or origin currently living and working in Italy felt that their reputation had been weakened by the bare-breasted protest - trade-mark of the FEMEN movement - against Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Notably, on November 6, 2011 three topless protesters were covered in body paint featuring the colors of Italian flag, chanting slogans against Berlusconi. The activists also staged protest against the “Catholic witch hunt” at Vatican.

When: September 1, 2012

Where: Rome, Italy