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January 7–9, 2012

Celebration of Ukrainian Donut “Pampukh” to Take Place in Lviv

The fifth city celebration of the national Ukrainian donut – pampukh – will unfold in western Ukrainian city of Lviv. The event will be timed with celebration of the Orthodox Christmas. The program of the festival includes creating the world’s largest Christmas pampukh. The Guinness World Records will register the piece of pastry as such. The huge donut will be composed of 50,000 small donuts.

January 7–8, 2012

Ethnic Festival Kraina Mriy (Dreamland) Goes Christmas

The popular folk festival Kraina Mriy will revive Christmas traditions in a celebration at the ethnic center Mamayeva Sloboda in Kyiv. The event is organized by a renowned Ukrainian ethnic rock musician Oleg Skrypka. The artist is famous for his contribution to revitalizing of the culture of the Ukrainian people.

January 8–29, 2012

Koliada Festival to Take Place in Rivne Region

Western Ukrainian region of Rivne (Rivnenshchina) will host the Slavic Koliada festival. The event will welcome groups of participants from different regions of Ukraine as well as from neighboring Poland and Belarus, according to the Rivne city administration.

January 10, 2012

Olympic Flame to Pass Through Uzhhorod

Athletes will carry the Olympic Flame through the western Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod on January 10, 2012. The opening of the sports competition in Uzhhorod dedicated to the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics (to be held in Innsbruck, Austria, on January 13-22, 2012) will precede the torch relay.

January 13, 2012

How About 100 Kilograms of Stuffed Dumplings for Holidays?

The holiday celebrations in Poltava will continue on January 13, 2012, with the festival Novorichni vechornytsi. The event is timed with the folk holiday Malanka. 100 kilograms of varenyky – traditional Ukrainian food that is a kind of stuffed dumpling characteristic of Ukrainian cuisine – are planned to be cooked during the event.

January 13–14, 2012

Lviv Will Rock Up Christmas Carols

On January 13-14, 2012, Ukrainian rock bands will perform traditional in the country Christmas carols – koliadky at the second annual Rock-Koliada festival. The artists rearranged the music pieces in order to adopt them to rock music style. The festival is an ethno-rock event that connects the past and the present, incorporating Ukrainian cultural heritage into present-day artistic trends, according to the Rock-Koliada organizers.

January 19, 2012

Traditional Baptism of Jesus Celebration to Make a Splash in Kyiv

Winter swimmers will once again become the stars of the day on January 19, 2012. The Baptism of Jesus celebration that will take place at the Mamaeva Sloboda complex on the day will involvetraditional for the holiday bathing in ice cold waters of the local lake Krasavytsia.

January 22, 2012

Ukraine Joins World Snow Day Celebration for the First Time

Ukraine will become the 39th country in the world that celebrates World Snow Day (on January 22, 2012). Numerous events all over the country will mark the date. Besides the capital, various activities dedicated to the Day will take place in eastern Ukrainian cities Kharkiv and Donets’k, in the Crimea and Carpathian mountains, as well as western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

January 30, 2012

Balkan Brass Battle to Deploy on Kyiv’s Stage

Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar: the two gypsy style brass bands that claim to be the best of a kind, at least in the Balkans, will engage in a battle on Kyiv’s stage. The Romanian and the Serbian bands will fight for the title of the kings of Balkan brass music.

February 2, 2012

Tarja Turunen to Go Beneath in Kyiv

A Finnish singer Tarja Turunen will bring her What Lies Beneath Final Tour to Ukraine on February 2, 2012. The former lead vocalist of the famous Nightwish is taking a break in her career – the final tour throughout Europe is announced to be her last musical journey before a 5 year break.

February 8–9, 2012

Legendary yet Crazy French Cabaret to Storm Kyiv

The most avant-garde cabaret from Paris Le Crazy Horse will perform in Kyiv for two nights. The cabaret was founded by Alain Bernardin, passionate admirer of women, back in 1951. Crazy Horse has since become one of the symbols of Paris.

February 10–12, 2012

Golden Dream of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kyiv will host the Golden Dream 2012 (Zolota Mriia) rhythmic gymnastics city open. On February 10-12, female athletes will compete in different age groups for the title of the best gymnast.

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