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Ukraine to Launch Satellite to the Moon

Ukraine plans to launch its own small scientific satellite to the Moon in 2017. This will be a part of the so called project Selena. This has been announced at the press-conference in Kyiv on November 10, 2011, by the advisor to the chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov.

SDO Yuzhnoe currently produces the satellite and a new rocket stage Krechet for the launch. The space launch vehicle Dnepr rocket (Dnepr-1) will launch the satellite into orbit.

Ukraine is one of the three successors of the Soviet Union’s space industry. The country is one of the five in the world owning a complete rocket production cycle. Ukrainian space industry companies utilize most of the known space technologies and participate in 50 international space projects. Over the last 10 years Ukraine deployed 120 launchers.

Ukraine occupies one of the world’s leading positions among the rocket launcher producers with the Ukrainian SDO Yuzhnoe having produced over 400 Earth satellites.

When: 2017
Where: Moon