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November 2, 2011

“One Day of 1933. Holodomor Food” Campaign to Rally in Kyiv

The event to commemorate the man-made famine in Ukraine during 1932-1933 will begin in Kyiv at 11 a.m. on November 2, 2011. The guests of One Day of 1933. Holodomor Food campaign will have an opportunity to taste the kind of food reportedly consumed by the victims of the famine: zatyrukha, korzhanyky, blyuvaky, and volok.

Zatyrukha is a mix of water with small amounts of coarse flour; korzhanyky are made of grated beetroots and leaves; blyuvaky is a variation of pancake made of rotten potatoes mixed with diverse ingredients, while volok was usually made of cooked saltbush or sometimes other weed.

A book on Holodomor – A Grain of Hope – is to be presented right before the opening of One Day of 1933. Holodomor Food at a press-conference. The book is intended for children and describes the deeply tragic phenomenon of Holodomor in ways that are believed to be non-traumatizing for young minds. A number of psychologists and teachers have been involved in the creation of A Grain of Hope. The book is sold at less than USD 2.

Holodomor is a controversial, dark chapter of the Ukrainian history. The famine is often referred to as the genocide against the Ukrainian people since many historians believe that the famine was the result of the state policy conducted by the Soviet Union. It is reported that somewhere between 2.4 and 7.5 million Ukrainians starved to death during the years of Holodomor.

When: 11 a.m., November 2, 2011

Where: 9 Yaroslaviv Val St., Kyiv