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April 11-30, 2012

Pysanky Will Flood Lviv's Downtown

Western Ukrainian Lviv will host the Festival of Pysanky (decorated eggs) on April 11-30, 2012. This year the traditional eggs will be substituted with egg-shaped figures made of flowers, branches, air balloons, polyester, wood, and even chocolate.

The festival will take place in various locations in the city center while the culmination of the event will be staged on the premises of the King Cross trading center. The organizers of the festival prepared a nice surprise for the active locals and guests from other cities: anybody can participate. The organizers of the festival designed it in a way so that the participants are encouraged to attend the scattered around festival venues whose locations coincide with major downtown touristic destinations. The climax of the holiday will be the exhibition of all the unusual pysanky made of various materials under one roof. Thus, the organizers plan to celebrate one of the biggest Christian holidays by creating an original “Easter Route”.

Beautiful, artfully (usually featuring traditional motives) decorated by hand eggs make for an integral part of Easter celebration in Ukraine. This year will be no exception. With the Orthodox Easter taking place on April 15, Ukrainians all around the country will indulge in decorating eggs together with their families.

When: April 11-30, 2012

Where: Lviv city center, King Cross trading center