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December 13-18, 2011

Gingerbread City to Spring Up in Lviv

The unique Medivnykove Mistechko (Gingerbread City) will appear in Lviv, Western Ukraine. The miniature honey dough and gingerbread city will be created in Lviv as a part of the From Andriy to Mykola charitable marathon. The sweet city will be on display at Lviv’s Arts Palace starting December 13 through December 18.

The interactive nature of the event will be the highlight of the marathon: anybody interested can participate in creating of the city. Entire families and groups of friends can join the fun by arranging pieces of baked dough and gingerbread into tiny houses and delivering them to the organizers. The participants will have a choice of creating something original or try to depict some of the existing constructions – buildings from Lviv or any other place in the world. The best gingerbread “construction workers” will be presented with prizes from the organizers.

The terms of the competition are very simple – every participant must present one or several baked houses decorated with Christmas motives. The height of the edible constructions must not exceed 25 centimeters. Those, who already have some original ideas of how to impress future visitors of the exhibition can bring their gingerbread houses to the venue starting today!

When: December 13-18, 2011

Where: Arts Palace, 17 Kopernika, Lviv