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December 2-3, 2011

30 Free Tours Around Lviv: Only Two Days

Lviv will welcome tourists for 30 (!) different tours around the city. If that is not enough motivational – the tours will be offered free of charge. Only for two days – December 2-3, one will have an opportunity to take advantage of the exciting offer.

The tours on December 2-3 will begin in the evenings and last until 1 a.m.The tours will be offered to the guests of the city as a part of the Nichnyy Lviv (Lviv at Night) project, launched by the Lviv city administration. The western Ukrainian city is actively developing its touristic agenda and therefore promises a new touristic product to its visitors. From now on the Nichnyy Lviv tours will be taking place in December and July.

The organizers managed to attract local museums, theatres, and galleries for participation in the program. Together with the city administration they have prepared a list of integrated attractions for the visitors. As an example, Lviv’s Les Kurbas theatre troupe will perform extracts from Antonych’s Trance Formula. Moreover, at the Italian courtyard [premises of the Lviv historical museum] the tourists will be able to witness adapted for the stage historical passage on Ukrainian Pelagea and Italian Mikelini love story. The story is usually regarded to as the Romeo and Juliet story of the City of Lion. The Arsenal museum in its turn will offer reconstruction of medieval battles and workshops on medieval dances. And that is only the beginning of the list.

One can register for participation on the Lviv city administration Web site. Also, it is possible to vote for places, which are lined up for future excursions.

When: December 2-3, 2011

Where: Lviv