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January 13, 2014

Kyiv Joins No Pants Initiative

The international No Pants Subway Ride flash mob, which originated in New York City in 2002, will make its way to Ukraine in 2014. The capital city Kyiv will join the popular initiative in mid-January next year.

February 8 – April 27, 2014

Kyiv Unites Contemporary Art from Belgium, France and the United States

Belgian Jan Fabre, French Pierre Huyghe, American Diana Thater and Christian Marclay will depict their latest art works at one of Kyiv’s largest contemporary art galleries – Pinchuk Art Centre. The art hall will feature two independent expositions: Congo Belge and Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo as well as (De-) Construction, the former presented solely by Jan Fabre. The exhibition will be held from February 8 until April 27, 2014.

February 11–13, 2014

Agro Animal Show Hits Kyiv

On February 11-13, 2014, Ukraine’s capital Kyiv will host one of the largest international exhibitions promoting effective cattle and poultry farming – Agro Animal Show 2014.

February 12–15, 2014

Ukraine Presents Its Pavilion at International Organic Food Fair

Ukrainian black soil is famous around the world; its fertility also provides favorable conditions for organic farming. This year, for the first time, Ukraine will present its produce at the BioFach 2014. This opportunity will enable visitors and other participants to learn more about the Eastern European country’s growing organic food sector, as well as offer unique business opportunities, reads

February 18–21, 2014

Kyiv Fashion Exposition Features Ukraine’s Best Couture Trends

One of Ukraine’s largest exhibition platforms – Kyiv Expo Plaza will host more than 12,000 participants on February 18-21, 2013. The event will feature the latest achievements of national and international textile industry. Kyiv Fashion will showcase textile masterpieces of fashion designers from Belarus, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

February 20–22, 2014

Kyiv Hosts International Ecological Exhibition

One of Kyiv’s largest exposition centers, Kyiv Expo Plaza will open its doors to host the international exhibition Ecological Ukraine on February 20-22, 2014. Organized under the umbrella topic Ecological Ukraine, the event will enclose numerous perspectives of the development in Ukraine’s ecological sector and eco-friendly production.

February 27, 2014

UN Commemorates 200th Anniversary of Ukrainian Poet Shevchenko

On the International Mother Language Day, February 27, 2014, the United Nations Organization will honor the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko - the renowned Ukrainian poet, artist and political prisoner, who significantly contributed to the treasury of world culture...

February 27, 2014

Kyiv’s Mystetskyi Arsenal Invites to Celebrate Art Masliana

On February 27, 2014, the national cultural-art and museum complex Mystetskyi Arsenal will open its doors to guests and residents of Kyiv of all ages who will come to participate in a fun, creative and tasty holiday for the entire family – Art Masliana. The four-day event is a spin-off of the folk holiday Masliana, alternatively known as the Pancake Week.

March 18–21, 2014

Ukraine Welcomes Baby Expo

All key assets of baby and childcare will be displayed at a single international exposition at International Exhibition Center. Ramified into baby toys, baby fashion, baby and mother health sections Kyiv’s largest exposition hall is going to host nearly 30,000 attendees throughout March 18-21, 2014.

April 5, 2014

Crimean Tatar Exhibit Raises Funds to Preserve Indigenous Art

Zincir (Chain Links), a Crimean Tatar art exhibit, will showcase over 100 works from private collectors. The proceeds from the exhibit as well as donations will help preserve Crimean Tatar art. The opening of the fundraiser will take place at 4 p.m. on April 5, at Honchar Museum.

April 12 – May 12, 2014

‘Ukrainian Louvre’ Features 100 Sculpture Masterpieces

Ukrainian national art and museum complex Mystetskyi Arsenal will bring together 100 artworks of 18 world-class artists to be showcased all at one time in the same exhibition space. The 100 Masterpieces of International Sculpture will last for 30 days from mid-April until mid-May in Kyiv. The project is supported by Igor Voronov’s Art Fund.

April 26 – July 27, 2014

Mezhyhiria Collection Goes on Display

A unique exhibition of ‘artifacts’ discovered at the residence of Ukraine’s ex-president will go on display at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The Code of Mezhyhiria will be available for visiting for almost three months, starting April 26.

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