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CNN — March 18, 2014

Ukraine Cries ’Robbery’ as Russia Annexes Crimea

Cheers in Moscow. Outrage in Kiev. Bloodshed in Simferopol.Tuesday saw Russian President Vladimir Putin announce the annexation of Crimea, two days after voters in that semiautonomous territory approved a hastily called referendum on separating from Ukraine. Putin told a joint session of Russia’s Parliament that the nearly 97% of Crimean residents who voted to join Russia over the weekend was "an extremely convincing figure..."

HUFFINGTON POST — March 17, 2014

Poll Reveals What Americans Really Know About Ukraine

High officials in U.S. government are no doubt weighing America’s policy options in the Ukrainian conflict. Nearly a quarter of Americans know what we should do about the Ukraine Administrative Adjustment Act of 2005, a new poll finds. That’s not a good thing, because the Ukraine Administrative Adjustment Act doesn’t exist. On a more positive note, 76 percent of Americans apparently recognized they didn’t know enough – about the Ukraine crisis generally or about the purported law specifically – to express an opinion on whether the law should be repealed…

CNN — February 28, 2014

Russian Troop Movements Near Ukraine Raise Concerns, U.S. Official Says

Washington (CNN) -- Russian military exercises near Ukraine are raising concerns that Moscow may be putting troops in position to move across the border if such orders are issued, a senior U.S. official familiar with the most recent administration assessment told CNN Thursday. But the United States still believes that Russia doesn’t plan to order its forces into its tumultuous neighbor, the official said on the condition of anonymity...

BBC — February 28, 2014

West Warns Russia Amid Rising Tensions in Crimea

Western nations have called on Russia to ease tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea region after armed men seized the local parliament and raised the Russian flag. Russia also scrambled fighter jets along its borders as part of military exercises it announced a day earlier. Moscow said it was willing to work with the West on averting a crisis, but warned foreign powers against taking decisions on behalf of Ukrainians. Meanwhile, the ousted Ukrainian president is reported to be in Russia...

REUTERS — February 28, 2014

Armed Men Seize Two Airports in Ukraine’s Crimea, Yanukovych Reappears

(Reuters) - Armed men took control of two airports in the Crimea region on Friday in what Ukraine’s new leadership described as an invasion and occupation by Moscow’s forces, and ousted President Viktor Yanukovych reappeared in Russia after a week on the run. Yanukovych said he would continue the struggle for Ukraine’s future as tension soared on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, the only region with an ethnic Russian majority and last major bastion of resistance to the overthrow of the Moscow-backed leader...

BBC — February 27, 2014

Ukraine Interim Leaders Warn of ’Unpopular Steps’ Ahead

Ukraine’s acting President Olexandr Turchynov and PM-designate Arseniy Yatsenyuk have warned of the need for "unpopular" steps to help restore the country’s economy and politics. Mr Yatsenyuk told the BBC the central challenge for the newly named government was to "stabilise" Ukraine...

FOX NEWS — February 27, 2014

US Warns Russia on War Games as Tensions Mount in Ukraine’s Crimea

The United States warned Russia it would be a "grave mistake" to intervene militarily in Ukraine, as the Kremlin ordered 150,000 troops to test their combat readiness and armed men seized government buildings in Ukraine’s Crimea region and raised a Russian flag over a barricade...

THE NEW YORK TIMES — February 26, 2014

In Ukraine, Naming of Interim Government Gets Mixed Response

KYIV, Ukraine — Standing before a crowd of tens of thousands in Independence Square, the center of the three-month civic uprising that ousted President Viktor F. Yanukovych, the lawmakers temporarily controlling Ukraine announced an interim government on Wednesday night to be led by Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, a veteran public official...

THE WASHINGTON POST — February 26, 2014

Gunmen’s Seizure of Parliament Building Stokes Tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea

SEVASTOPIL, Ukraine — With unrest growing in the Crimea over Ukraine’s political transformation, a group of armed men seized the local parliament and the regional government headquarters in Simferopol early Thursday morning, barricaded themselves inside both buildings and raised Russian flags, news services reported...

AL JAZEERA — February 26, 2014

Ukraine ’Set to Unveil New Government’

Ukraine’s pro-Western interim leaders were set to unveil their new cabinet after disbanding the feared riot police, as they sought to build confidence in the splintered and economically ravaged ex-Soviet nation. The new government will be symbolically revealed on Wednesday in Kyiv’s Independence Square, the epicentre of three months of protests that culminated in carnage last week and triggered the weekend ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych...

AFP — February 25, 2014

West Scrambles to Save Ukraine from Economic Collapse

Kyiv (AFP) - Western countries scrambled Tuesday to find a solution to the crisis rocking Ukraine and save the country from economic collapse as its interim leaders delayed the formation of a new government. Ukraine has appealed to the West for $35 billion in aid to avoid a catastrophic default as the nation tilts away from Russia following the weekend ousting of pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych after days of carnage in Kiev that left almost 100 people dead...

THE GUARDIAN — February 25, 2014

Viktor Yanukovych No Longer Leading Ukraine, US Declares

The Obama administration has signalled it no longer recognises Viktor Yanukovych as Ukraine’s president as western support firms up for the new leadership in Kiev. Jay Carney, the main White House spokesman, said that although Yanukovych “was a democratically elected leader, his actions have undermined his legitimacy and he is not actively leading the country at present”...

THE NEW YORK TIMES — February 24, 2014

Ukraine’s Uncertain Future

The venal president of Ukraine is on the run and the bloodshed has stopped, but it is far too early to celebrate or to claim that the West has “won” or that Russia has “lost.” One incontrovertible lesson from the events in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, is that the deeply divided country will have to contend with dangerous problems that could reverberate beyond its borders...

CNN — February 24, 2014

Up to Speed: Uncertainty Reigns in a Divided Ukraine

(CNN) -- The turmoil in Ukraine has swept aside its president, brought about the release a prominent opposition leader and raised fears the country could break apart. After the bloodshed in the streets of Kiev last week -- the deadliest violence Ukraine has suffered since its independence 22 years ago -- the political twists and turns came thick and fast over the weekend...

REUTERS — February 24, 2014

Fugitive Ukraine Leader Wanted for Murder, Russia Sounds Alarm

(Reuters) - Ukraine’s fugitive president was indicted for "mass murder" on Monday over the shooting of demonstrators as new leaders in Kyiv sought urgent Western aid to make up for a loss of funding from Russia, which is angry at the overthrow of its ally...

THE WASHINGTON POST — February 24, 2014

Russia Cries ‘Mutiny’ Over Change in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian leaders expressed their distrust and dislike of Ukraine’s new government on Monday, saying it came to power through “armed mutiny,” just hours after the authorities here announced a nationwide manhunt for ousted president Viktor Yanukovych on charges of “mass murder of peaceful civilians...”

BBC — February 24, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Russia Steps Up Ukraine Rhetoric

Russia has stepped up its rhetoric against Ukraine’s new Western-leaning leadership as tensions rise over the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych. Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said interim authorities in Kiev had conducted an "armed mutiny". And the Russian foreign ministry said dissenters in mainly Russian-speaking regions faced suppression...

FOX NEWS — February 24, 2014

Ukraine’s New Leaders Order Arrest of Former President Yanukovych

Ukraine’s acting government issued an arrest warrant Monday for President Viktor Yanukovych, accusing him of mass crimes against the protesters who stood up for months against his rule. Russia sharply questioned its authority, calling it an "armed mutiny"...

REUTERS — February 23, 2014

Ukraine Sets European Course after Ouster of Yanukovych

(Reuters) - Ukraine’s interim leadership pledged to put the country back on course for European integration now Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovych had been ousted from the presidency, while the United States warned Russia against sending in its forces...

NEW YORK POST — February 23, 2014

US to Putin: Don’t Send Troops into Ukraine

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s national security adviser warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that it “would be a grave mistake” to send troops into Ukraine. “It’s not in the interests of Ukraine or of Russia or of Europe or the United States to see a country split,” National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”...

NPR — February 22, 2014

Ukrainian President Voted Out; Opposition Leader Freed

Ukraine’s parliament has voted to push President Viktor Yanukovych out of office hours after he fled the capital and denounced events in the country as "a coup d’etat" in a television interview. The legislature also voted to release Yanukovych’s jailed arch-rival, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko...

FINANCIAL TIMES — February 22, 2014

Yanukovych Toppled in New Ukrainian Revolution

Yulia Tymoshenko, heroine of Ukraine’s 2004 Orange Revolution, addressed thousands of Ukrainians in Kyiv late on Saturday at the end of a momentous day that saw president Viktor Yanukovych ousted in the country’s second revolution in 10 years...

ASSOCIATED PRESS — February 21, 2014

Ukraine President Announces Early Election

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Friday announced early presidential elections and promised to bring opposition members into the government in a bid to defuse a deep crisis in which scores have been killed and hundreds injured. He gave no time frame, however, and it’s unclear whether his belated concessions will be enough to hold off protesters who have occupied a piece of Kiev and government buildings around the country in a nationwide battle over the identity of their country...

BBC — February 21, 2014

Ukrainian President and Protesters Agree Early Election

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition protesters have agreed to an early presidential poll before the end of the year. The election is part of a deal to end the country’s political crisis. The deal has not been published, but Mr Yanukovych referred to a national unity government and constitutional changes reducing the president’s power...

THE NEW YORK TIMES — February 21, 2014

Ukraine Announces Tentative Accord to End Crisis

KYIV, Ukraine — The government of President Viktor F. Yanukovych announced a tentative resolution on Friday to a crisis that has brought days of bloodshed to Ukraine. The agreement, which has yet to be signed, was announced after all-night talks with opposition leaders, Russian representatives and the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and France...

CNN — February 21, 2014

Diplomatic Talks in Ukraine Last Until Dawn, a Day After 100 May Have Died

Kyiv, Ukraine (CNN) -- Protests. Talks. Violence. Protests. Talks. Violence. By early Friday morning, the lone positive point was that -- for the time being -- Ukraine’s cycle of political and physical infighting was not then at its bloodiest point, as it had been hours earlier. Opposition medics said that 100 protesters died Thursday in clashes with police, when gunfire was unleashed...

THE NEW YORK TIMES — February 20, 2014

Ukraine’s Forces Escalate Attacks Against Protesters

KYIV, Ukraine — Security forces fired on masses of antigovernment demonstrators in Kyiv on Thursday in a drastic escalation of the three-month-old crisis that left dozens dead and Ukraine reeling from the most lethal day of violence since Soviet times...

REUTERS — February 20, 2014

EU Seeks Peace as Ukraine Death Toll Hits 75

(Reuters) - European Union ministers sought to broker a political settlement in Ukraine after gun battles between police and anti-government protesters brought the death toll to 75 in two days of the worst violence in the country since Soviet times...

REUTERS — February 19, 2014

Ukraine President Agrees Truce with Opponents as West Prepares Sanctions

(Reuters) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said late on Wednesday that he had agreed a "truce" with opposition leaders after 26 people were killed in street clashes, ahead of meetings with EU foreign ministers who are threatening to impose sanctions for the violence. A statement on the Presidential website announced an agreement for "the start to negotiations with the aim of ending bloodshed, and stabilizing the situation in the state in the interests of social peace"...

AL JAZEERA — February 19, 2014

Deadliest Day for Ukraine Protests

In the deadliest day of Ukraine’s protests so far, at least 20 people, including demonstrators and policemen, have been killed, according to reports. The scuffles with the riot police started in Kiev early on Tuesday morning, soon after thousands of protesters marched towards the parliament, where opposition leaders accused pro-government factions of dragging their feet on a constitutional reform that would limit presidential powers...