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BLOOMBERG — December 30, 2013

Ukraine Opposition Urges Return to Yanukovych Home as Rally Ebbs

Opponents of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych vowed to repeat a march on his residence near Kiev as they seek to escalate demands to dismiss the government a month after it snubbed a trade pact with the European Union...

AL JAZEERA — December 30, 2013

Ukraine Protesters Rally at President’s Home

Thousands of Ukrainians have staged a rally for the first time in front of the private home of President Viktor Yanukovych, as more than a month of protests continue against the government’s decision to cancel a deal for greater European Union integration...

EURONEWS — December 30, 2013

Ukraine Anti-Government Protesters Take the Wheel

Ukrainian anti-government demonstrators have been getting into the driving seat – as protest leaders introduce new types of activism after weeks of rallies in central Kyiv...

THE NEW YORK TIMES — December 27, 2013

A Day in SoHo, a Night in Ukraine

At Korchma Taras Bulba in SoHo, the first United States outpost of a chain of colorful Ukrainian restaurants, it’s not a question of whether to have a round of shots, only how many and in what flavors. (Cranberry, ginger, horseradish and lemon are the best. Bacon is the worst, by a wide margin…)

CYPRUS MAIL — December 25, 2013

Ukraine Gets First Tranche of Russian Bailout

RUSSIA told Ukraine on Tuesday it had transferred the first $3bn tranche of a $15bn bailout, part of plans to keep Kyiv firmly within Moscow’s orbit and out of the European Union’s embrace…

BLOOMBERG — December 25, 2013

Ukraine Opposition Rallies Protesters to Maidan as Holidays Loom

Ukraine’s opposition urged protesters at a fifth straight Sunday rally to join its new political movement and keep pressure on President Viktor Yanukovych for accepting a $15 billion Russian bailout over European integration...

REUTERS — December 25, 2013

Ukraine Expects Remaining $12 bln of Russian Bailout in Early 2014

Ukraine expects a $15 billion bailout package from Russia to be fully disbursed in early 2014, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Wednesday after Kyiv received the first $3 billion tranche…

VOICE OF AMERICA — December 25, 2013

Ukraine Receives $3 Billion of Russian Bailout Funds

Russia has transferred the first $3 billion of a financial rescue package to Ukraine as part its plan to help the struggling Ukrainian economy and keep Kiev out of the European Union…

AL JAZEERA — December 24, 2013

Thousands Continue to Protest EU Snub in Kyiv

About 100,000 people turn out to protest in frigid cold against president’s decision to forge closer ties with Moscow…

AL JAZEERA — December 24, 2013

Ukraine: Divided country, Divided Media?

Listening Post examines the issues behind the global news coverage of Kiev’s Euromaidan protests…

AL JAZEERA — December 24, 2013

Ukraine Protests: The View from Moscow

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny posts dozens of tweets a day, reacting to pretty much all major news stories. But he has been uncharacteristically silent on the colossal anti-government protests which have been rocking the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, ever since Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign a landmark trade agreement with the EU…

THE NEW YORK TIMES — December 24, 2013

Strategy Remains Elusive for Ukraine Opposition

KYIV, Ukraine – One of the most effective, and affecting, sights on Maidan, the independence square that antigovernment protesters have made theirs for the past month, is a simple wall of wooden blocks. There are hundreds, in jagged formation, each with the name of a village, town or city etched in black…

BBC — December 24, 2013

Ukraine Activists Swap Lenin for Lennon

Pro-EU protesters in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv want to change the name of one of their main streets from Lenin Avenue to Lennon Avenue…

RFE/RL — December 24, 2013

Russia To Pay Ukraine $3 Billion For Eurobonds

Russia says it will transfer payment for its purchase of $3 billion worth of Ukraine’s Eurobonds on December 24…

BBC — December 24, 2013

Defiant Ukraine Opposition Continues Pro-EU Rallies

Ukraine’s opposition has vowed to continue pro-EU protests over the holiday period, despite an economic deal signed with Russia this week…

26th Winter Universiade — December 20, 2013

Cross-Country: Ukraine and Kazakhstan Win Relays

Ukraine (Kateryna Grygorenko, Maryna Antsybor and Kateryna Serdyuk) and Kazakhstan (Aleksandr Malyshev, Sergey Malyshev, Gennadiy Matvyenko and Mark Starostin) won the gold medals in the cross-country relays at the 26th Winter Universiade Trentino 2013

WORLD SERIES BOXING — December 19, 2013

Ukraine 4-1 Italy: Otamans ease past the Thunder

In a great night of action in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Season III, finalists the Ukraine Otamans proved they are still a force to be reckoned with as they ease past the highly rated Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder team to top the group.

BLOOMBERG — December 19, 2013

Ukraine Opposition to Keep Up Protests After Russian Deal

Ukraine’s opposition vowed to keep up street protests against President Viktor Yanukovych after he sought to calm anger at a $15 billion Russian bailout by pledging to raise wages before his 2015 re-election bid…

AL JAZEERA — December 19, 2013

Putin: Ukraine Bailout not Aimed against EU

Economic deal with Ukraine was "brotherly" act, not designed to keep Kiev away from the EU, Russian president says...

BBC — December 18, 2013

Russia Deal Saved Ukraine from Bankruptcy – PM Azarov

Ukraine’s decision to suspend a deal on closer EU ties and sign a Russian aid agreement instead has helped avoid bankruptcy, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has told ministers in Kyiv…

AL JAZEERA — December 18, 2013

Russia and Ukraine Strike $15bn Deal

Moscow says agreement comes without conditions but there are fears it may inflame of pro-Europe protesters in Kyiv. Russia threw Ukraine an economic lifeline on Tuesday, agreeing to buy $15 billion of Ukrainian bonds and to reduce the price its cash-strapped neighbour pays for vital Russian gas supplies by about one-third...

AL JAZEERA — December 18, 2013

Ukraine PM Hails ‘Historic’ Deal with Russia

Kyiv avoids “bankruptcy and social collapse” as a result of economic agreement with Moscow, PM Mykola Azarov says. Mykola Azarov, the Ukrainian prime minister, hailed a “historic” economic agreement between his country and Russia and said that Kyiv has avoided “bankruptcy and social collapse” thanks to the deal…

THE NEW YORK TIMES — December 18, 2013

Ukraine’s Premier Hails Russian Aid, Saying Crisis Has Passed

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian officials on Wednesday praised a financial aid package from Russia as the country’s only hope to prevent economic collapse, although it was signed in defiance of a large and sustained protest in the capital...

THE GUARDIAN — December 18, 2013

Vladimir Putin Offers Ukraine Financial Incentives to Stick with Russia

Moscow to buy $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and cut gas price after Kyiv resists signing EU deal amid mass protests…

REUTERS — December 18, 2013

Ukraine Dollar Bonds Extend Gains after Russian Bailout

Ukrainian markets extended gains on Wednesday in response to a $15 billion bailout by Russia, driving prices of public dollar bonds and the hryvnia currency higher after the move headed off months of uncertainty over government financing…

REUTERS — December 18, 2013

Russia Says West Still Pressing Ukraine to Choose Europe

(Reuters) – Russia accused the West on Wednesday of putting pressure on Ukraine to choose closer ties with the European Union even though Kiev has accepted a Russian bailout after spurning a trade deal with the EU…

BBC — December 18, 2013

US Senator Murphy: Russian Aid to Ukraine ‘Has Conditions’

Russia has given Ukraine a discount of almost a third on Russian gas and said it would buy billions of dollars’ worth of Ukrainian government bonds…

BBC — December 18, 2013

Ukraine Opposition Demands Russia Agreement Details

Opposition leaders in Ukraine have demanded to know what President Viktor Yanukovych has offered Russia in return for a major economic lifeline...

BBC — December 17, 2013

Russia Offers Ukraine Major Economic Assistance

Russia has given Ukraine a discount of almost a third on Russian gas and said it would buy billions of dollars’ worth of Ukrainian government bonds...

BBC — December 17, 2013

Q&A: Stand-off in Ukraine over EU Agreement

Protesters have been camped out in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev since late November, in a challenge to the government since it backtracked on a key association agreement with the EU and moved to boost relations with Russia…

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