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ARUTZ SHEVA — December 27, 2012

In Ukraine Town, Bar-Mitzvah and Shabbat Prayers, 70 Years Later

For the first time since before World War II, the small Jewish community in the Ukranian town of Netishin held prayer services this past Shabbat – and celebrated the Bar-Mitzvah of the grandson of the community’s last rabbi, 70 years after it had been scheduled to take place...

XINHUA — December 27, 2012

News Analysis: Ukraine Cabinet Focuses on Economy, Foreign Policy

Ukraine’s new cabinet showcased a mix of newcomers and veterans dominated by politicians loyal to President Viktor Yanukovych. The 21-member cabinet led by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov is expected to revive the economy of the country and chart a balanced foreign policy, experts say...

KYIV POST — December 26, 2012

Ukraine’s Smoke-Free Law Is Working!

A friend who told me that smoking bans in public places would be ineffective has changed his mind. Since Ukraine’s law prohibiting smoking in restaurants, bars and cafes took effect on Dec. 16, my friend told me: “I have to admit that the law works!”..

EUROVISION — December 24, 2012

Zlata Ognevich is a Happy Winner in Ukraine

On this very cold wintery day, the hearts of the Ukrainian TV viewers were warmed by a spectacular show - the Ukrainian national final took place in Kyiv. A combination of sms-voting and an expert jury decided that Zlata Ognevich is a worthy representative of Ukraine in Malmö!..

BBC — December 24, 2012

Your Holiday Pictures

Mia Bennett from the UK is spending some of the holiday season in Lviv, Ukraine where this photo was taken. Mia says: "Life mostly goes on as usual in Ukraine despite the cold, with walks in the woodland, open air markets and what not still going on." Photo: Mia Bennett...

THE GUARDIAN — December 20, 2012

Rare White Lion Cubs Born in Ukraine - Video

Yalta zoo in Ukraine celebrates the birth in captivity of three white lion cubs. The cubs are being bottle-fed inside the zoo as it’s too cold for them to be outside with their parents. The birth of white South African lions in captivity is a rare event, especially when three cubs come at once...

THE GUARDIAN — December 19, 2012

From Thailand to Ukraine: a Country’s in Vogue When It Has Its Own Vogue

Launches in Thailand and Ukraine next year will bring the number of international Vogues to 21. Until the 1960s, there were only five editions of Vogue: in the US, UK, France, Italy and Australia. In the past 40 years, economic growth around the globe has been tracked by the arrival of Vogue editors: Russia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan...

LE FIGARO — December 19, 2012

Les Femmes de 2012

Inna Shevchenko. Son soutien aux Pussy Riot lui a valu l’exil. Après avoir scié en août une croix orthodoxe, la militante féministe ukrainienne la plus connue de la Femen a dû fuir Kiev pour Paris. Installée au Lavoir moderne parisien, elle a depuis ouvert un camp d’entraînement féministe dans la capitale pour "réveiller les esprits"...

FINANCIAL TIMES — December 19, 2012

Basket of Promise

With its rich black earth and bountiful supplies of grain, Ukraine was once known as the “breadbasket of Europe”. Wars were fought between Russia, Poland and the Ottoman Empire for control of the land and its precious chornozem, the layer of topsoil that makes the country so fertile…

FINANCIAL TIMES — December 13, 2012

Ukraine’s MHP: Poultry for Europe

With recession fears spreading across the globe, finding safe investments is becoming trickier by the day. There is one thing, however, that the world’s growing population is certain to spend on, even in times of recession: food. Ukraine’s budding agribusiness and food companies are well positioned to help feed a hungry world. Among them is London-listed MHP, the country’s largest poultry producer...

EUROPA.EU — December 13, 2012

Joint Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

There are many challenges on Ukraine’s road towards political association and economic integration with the European Union. We remain firmly engaged to developing relations with Ukraine, but we cannot realise the full potential of our relations yet. At the December Foreign Affairs Council two days ago, the Council adopted conclusions on Ukraine which confirm a sequenced policy of engagement...

BOXING NEWS 24 — December 13, 2012

Ukraine vs. USA on December 14th

With both teams still winless after three fixtures, Ukraine Otamans and USA Knockouts will be going all out to claim their maiden World Series Boxing (WSB) victory when they face each other this Friday 14 December (20.00 local time) at the Terminal in Brovary. With home advantage, the Otamans will be hoping their foursome of debutants and Ivan Golub do the business against a team boasting some very experienced campaigners...

THE EPOCH TIMES — December 13, 2012

Autumn Colors Near Sevastopol, Ukraine, In Photos

Warm and rich with colors, fall calls for a walk. Near the town of Lyubimovka, not far from Sevastopol, Ukraine, flows a small rivulet. The town is known as a port city that welcomes the tides of The Black Sea. The river banks are covered in flowers of the white locust tree in the spring and with crimson and gold leaves in the fall. Pear and apple orchards stand bare, only rose hip bushes still remain red on prickly branches...

THE HINDU — December 11, 2012

India, Ukraine Ink Defence Cooperation Agreement

A broad defence cooperation agreement was among five pacts signed following delegation-level talks between the visiting Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday. With Ukraine having consolidated its military enterprises into bodies under governmental control, on the lines of what Russia did to its military-industrial complex a decade ago, New Delhi feels the path has been smoothened for a more intimate defence relationship...

FINANCIAL TIMES — December 9, 2012

EU Gives Ukrainian Poultry a Green Light

The EU has opened up its market to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of poultry and egg product imports from Ukraine, a top grain producer that hopes to establish itself as a large exporter of meat and other food products. Last week’s decision follows years of inspections and reviews by the EU’s food safety and consumer rights protection body...

FINANCIAL TIMES — December 6, 2012

EU ‘Must Reopen Dialogue’ With Ukraine

Ukraine’s former president and Orange Revolution leader Viktor Yushchenko has urged the European Union to reopen dialogue with the country or risk seeing it become a “second Belarus”, cut off from the west. Mr. Yushchenko said EU states should end a “pause” in talks on Ukraine’s closer integration into Europe...

JUNIOR EUROVISION — December 3, 2012

Ukraine Wins The 10th Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Anastasiya Petryk from Ukraine received a total of 138 points with her song Nebo (Sky). Last year’s winner Georgia, with The Funkids, finished second with 103 points and Armenia’s Compass Band finished third with 98 points...

THE FINANCIAL — November 30, 2012

EBRD Invests in Ukrainian Sugar Beet Sector

The EBRD is continuing to support Ukraine ’s agribusiness sector, which accounts for a quarter of the Bank’s portfolio in the country. The latest transaction is aimed at the acquisition of a minority stake in the Ukrainian operations of London-based group ED&F Man, one of the world’s leading merchant houses...

EUROPEAN VOICE — November 29, 2012

Time for a New Approach to Ukraine

The EU needs to find a way to encourage Ukrainians who are prepared to match EU standards The European Union faces deadlock with Ukraine. After negotiations on a deep and comprehensive free-trade agreement (DCFTA) were completed last year, the EU indicated that the agreement could come into force...

ASSOCIATED PRESS — November 28, 2012

Workers Raise 1st Section of New Chornobyl Shelter

When the dismantling and cleanup work is complete, the radiation danger will decline. How long that would take is unclear, but officials on Tuesday allowed themselves to envision a happier Chernobyl a century from now, with the plant’s director speculating that the huge shelter may even become a tourist attraction. Plant director Igor Gramotkin drew a parallel between the shelter and the Eiffel Tower...

THE EPOCH TIMES — November 27, 2012

Torontonians Remember the Ukrainian Famine of 1930s

Sometimes a tragedy is so deep it defines a generation, a hardship that marks a milestone in the existence of a people. Sometimes it’s almost forgotten and then someone calls out for the memory, demanding condolences be paid. For Ukrainian...

THE EPOCH TIMES — November 27, 2012

Talented Ukrainian Programmers Look Beyond Border

Take a workforce of highly skilled programmers. Add to that ambitious entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking to redefine the global software market. That’s when you start getting close to describing Ukraine’s Information Technology (IT) sector. The Eastern European nation has silently grown to become an important player in the international...

FINANCIAL TIMES — November 26, 2012

Ukraine Is Ripe for US Gas Exploration

In Ukraine, though, gas-directed independent North American exploration and production companies, the Ukrainian government, and even the previously obstructionist local oligarchs finally seem to have converging interests and compatible discount rates. Since there are already gas prospects that can be better...

TURKISH WEEKLY — November 22, 2012

Double Standards of the EU Association Agreement Policy

One may wonder: how could 27 states and the European Parliament unanimously agree to recognize Mubarak’s Egypt and Ben Ali’s Tunisia as states devoted to democratic standards and yet fail to come up with a unified document featuring EU’s list of requirements for Ukraine or come to a consensus over Turkey?

IT’S UKRAINE — November 22, 2012

Ukraine Made the Top-20 List of Scientific and Technological Progress Leaders

At least three events that happened in the first half of November turned out to be extremely important for the Ukrainian scientific community. Firstly, Time Magazine published its Best Inventions of the Year 2012 list on November 1, with Enable Talk Gloves, designed by a Ukrainian research team, placing 7th out of 25 positions on the list...

ASIA TIMES — November 22, 2012

Ukraine Imports Gas From Europe

As Russia refuses to cut gas prices for Ukraine and proceeds with its South Stream pipeline project – aimed at diminishing Gazprom’s dependence on Ukrainian gas pipelines – Ukraine has announced plans to further cut Russian gas imports. Even more notably, Ukraine began buying gas from the German company RWE this month...

THE WASHINGTON POST — November 20, 2012

Journey Through Time, Identities in Chernivtsi, Ukraine’s Little Paris

Onion-domed Orthodox churches. Solemn Catholic cathedrals. Cobblestone streets lined with mansions. A movie theater built on the ashes of a synagogue. These landmarks stand as testament to the shifting identities of the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. As wars raged and empires fell, Chernivtsi reflected the heritage and traditions of its residents and rulers...

LITHUANIA TRIBUNE — November 19, 2012

Why Cash Would Always Beat the E-Dollar

Ukrainian hryvnia took the top spot in the rating. The currency basically tells most of the country’s history in portraits of famous Ukrainian public figures and historical buildings across the state. Contrary to a popular belief, elimination of paper money will...

FINANCIAL TIMES — November 19, 2012

Ukraine Cuts Dependence on Gazprom

Ignoring predictions of waning European gas demand, Russia’s Gazprom is pressing ahead with plans to build costly new pipelines to bypass Ukraine. Moscow wants to squeeze Kiev by funnelling EU-bound gas exports around what it sees as a troublesome neighbour. But the policy is inadvertently driving Ukraine to do what it should have done long ago – reduce dependence on Russian-supplied gas by diversification and energy efficiency. Annual...

MARKET WATCH — November 15, 2012

Leading European Statesmen Call for Steps to Improve Relations Between Europe and Ukraine

The recent parliamentary elections in Ukraine were "not perfect but represented huge progress for a country that has only enjoyed independence for the past 20 years," and should not be judged in terms of black and white. This was the conclusion of leading European statesmen, including the former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, speaking at a post-election conference in Paris on Monday...

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