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July 8, 2014

Team Ukraine Wins Promotion to Combined Events Super League

Kyiv, July 8, 2014. Ukrainian team won the ticket to the Super League by taking the second place in the First League of the European Cup Combined Events in Ribeira Brava, Portugal. Ukrainian team with 40,056 points overall was outrun by the Czech Republic athletes with 40,384 points. Sweden finished third with 39,753 points, while Spain (38,962), Norway (38,777), and Italy (38,032) placed fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively. Finland with 37,845 points and Portugal with 36,686 – were both relegated.

Ukrainian team succeeded in winning the Super League promotion due to the excellent performance of Alina Fiodorova (second place, 6090 points) and Anastasia Mokhnyuk (third place, 5982). Hanna Melnichenko (5937) became fourth in the competition. Czech Eliska Klucinova finished first with 6191 points, according to the official website of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine.

“Ukraine, who were relegated last year, regained their place in the Super League, and while they had so much strength in depth in their women’s team led by World champion Hanna Melnychenko, it was the Czech Republic’s Eliska Klucinova who beat them all,” reads

Notably, Ukrainian athlete who demonstrated the best results at the event, Alina Fiodorova, took bronze in women’s pentathlon at the fifteenth edition of the international indoor track and field competition with 4724 points. The 2014 event organized by the IAAF was held on March 7-9 at the Ergo Arena in Sopot, Poland.

In the men’s competition, Ukrainian team leader Oleksiy Kasyanov failed to score in the long jump and his results were not therefore considered. However, Vasyl Ivanitskyi points (ninth place), Oleksandr Palamarchuk (21st) and Serhiy Yarokhovych (23rd) scored enough to get ahead of the Swedish national team in the overall standings.

Czech Adam Helcelet, 22, won over his teammate Jiri Sykora, 19, with 7955 points. Sykora meanwhile finished second with 7927, while Swede Fabian Rosenquist came in third with 7844 points. Both for Sykora and Rosenquist the results demonstrated in Madeira were personal best scores.

At the same time, Romania won the team title in the European Cup Combined Events Second League with 35,532. In the final table, Iceland (34,618) and Turkey (29,968) scored second and third respectively.