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March 11, 2011

Dynamo Kyiv Beat Manchester City in 1/8 Finals

Kyiv, March 11, 2011. Last night Dynamo Kyiv sent two goals into Manchester City’s net in the first leg of their UEFA Europa League encounter at Lobanovskyy Dynamo stadium, Kyiv. Dynamo will defend their advantage in Manchester in the return leg. Earlier this week Shakhtar Donetsk beat Roma 3–0 making it to Champions League quarter-finals.

Andriy Shevchenko’s first goal and the second one by Oleg Gusev in the 1/8 finals mean City has to try hard to claim its pace at quarter-finals in second leg at Eastlands. Edin Dzeko, who has earlier stated that he would not “flop like his hero Shevchenko”, according to The Express, should improve considerably if he wants to outdo Shevchenko, reports The Guardian.

Shevchenko volleyed Manchester into a first-half lead and Gusev added to the British’s despair by controlling the ball on his chest and then sending it to the net. Oleg Gusev made it 2–0 on the 77th minute.

As for the players of Manchester, Balotelli collected his ninth yellow card of the season. He was then replaced by Carlos Tevez. Gareth Barry teed up Yaya. Gareth’s shot was pushed away by Dynamo’s Oleksandr Shovkovskyy. Kyiv came back with Milevsky’s attack; however, Hart easily gathered the ball.

Mancini pleaded that the Ukrainian cold weather (around six degrees Celsius below zero. — Ed.) and Manchester’s encounter with Dynamo being its eighth game in 28 days caused the uncomfortable defeat.

On Mar. 8, Shakhtar’s victory over Roma put the Ukrainian club on top of 2010/2011 UEFA club coefficient ranking. Shakhtar’s performance is also extremely valuable in light of UEFA country coefficient ranking, where Ukraine is in close competition with Russia and Portugal to take the sixth place, which allows delegating three teams to Champions League instead of two.