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May 4, 2012

Discovery Introduces Ukraine's EURO 2012 Stadiums

Kyiv, May 4, 2012. World’s largest documentary television Discovery Channel has produced a program on the preparation of the UEFA European Football Championship 2012, hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The production, consisting of the two Engineering the European Championship episodes of 60 minutes, will tell the viewers from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA region) all about the technological advances behind EURO 2012.

Discovery refers to EURO 2012 as “one of the most hotly anticipated sports events of 2012”, reads the official Web site of the channel.

In its new program Discovery will put focus on the construction of the brand new stadiums, which had to meet the UEFA requirements and be ready in time. Discovery will take its viewers behind the scenes of the construction and engineering work performed by the two EURO 2012 host countries.

Engineering the European Championship will pay attention to modern light and sound technology for the opening ceremony of Poland’s Warsaw stadium.

Apart from technical marvels, the documentary will offer an intimate portrait of the representatives of both nations who invested their time, effort and knowledge into event organization. The TV program features construction workers, engineers, designers, and specialists from other fields engaged in the preparation of the stadiums. Engineering the European Championship was fully filmed in Poland and Ukraine.

The two 60-minute long episodes will air on the channel in June 2012 – during the time of EURO 2012. Discovery Communications have chosen to cover the championship rather than shying away from the subject and substituting it with alternative content.

Moreover, Discovery Channel has invited the coaches of one of the Ukrainian national football teams Yurii Kalitvintsev to star in the promotional video for Engineering the European Championship, reported MediaBusiness.