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January 30, 2012

Experience Winter Wonderland in Kyiv

Kyiv, January 30, 2012. This year’s winter in Ukraine was the classic of the season – snowed in streets invite residents for outdoor activities and carry the sparkling magic of the coldest time of the year. The best way to spend your snowy winter day off in Kyiv would be skiing, skating, sleighing, making a snowman, or having a snowball fight in a park. If that is not extreme enough, one can engage in an unconventional picnic in the freezing temperatures, rolling downhill on a tire, and ice fishing.

This year winter came to Ukraine later than usual – December was untypically warm and autumn-like. First snow covered the country as late as in January. It snowed nonstop for several days in a row, turning dull pavements, trees, and buildings of the Ukraine’s capital into bright, fairytale cityscapes.

The municipalities may have had some trouble cleaning up the snow in the streets, but most of the residents enjoyed the beautiful winter that finally arrived in Ukraine. Both kids and adults have been eagerly engaged in traditional winter sports – skiing, skating, sleighing, etc. Merry snowmen stood at every corner – some appeared clumsy and uneven while others stunned with the remarkable precision of execution.

When the temperature drops far below zero it gets tricky to keep warm while enjoying the fresh air outdoors. People drink warm beverages (coffee, tea, compote transported in thermoses to stay hot) or have full-on meals right on the park benches.

Many Kyivers love ice fishing. When the waters of the Dnipro river freeze thoroughly one can observe numerous dark spots on the vast white field of the frozen surface of the river. Those are the fishermen – sitting on rectangular stools and holding tiny fishing rods designed specifically for ice fishing. A hole in the ice is made prior to fishing often using an auger.

Famous for its variety of parks and beautiful churches, Kyiv bears a completely different kind of beauty when covered in a thick layer of snow. Looking out of the window at the cozy white blanket of snow it is difficult to believe it can be anything but warm and soft.

And when Kyivers are tired of the frosty weather, plenty restaurants, cafes, galleries, concert halls, pubs, bars, farmer’s markets, etc., open their doors to a curious visitor.

Photos courtesy Maria Ivanova