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THE GUARDIAN — July 29, 2014

EU Sends Advisers to Help Ukraine Bring Law and Order to Rebel Areas

The EU has parachuted a team of security advisers into Kiev to assist the Ukrainian government in imposing the rule of law in rebel districts, in a provocative move likely to further inflame relations with Moscow. Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, agreed last week to requests from the Ukrainian authorities for urgent help in bolstering the country’s security services. An initial £2m is being provided by the EU to fund the unarmed advisers, but further money is expected to be committed as the conflict between the government and pro-Russian dissidents continues after the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17…

THE GUARDIAN — July 25, 2014

Australia Has Federal Police Ready to Enter Ukraine and Secure MH17 Site

Fifty Australian federal police have been deployed to London, ready to go into Ukraine if agreement is secured to send in an international team to secure the crash site for the investigation of flight MH17. Tony Abbott spoke to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, about the decision to deploy police for a multinational force to Ukraine…

THE GUARDIAN — May 28, 2014

Ukraine Says It Controls Donetsk Airport After Fighting Leaves Dozens Dead

Separatists in east Ukraine counted dozens of losses on Tuesday as the deadly toll of fierce clashes with Ukrainian government forces became clear. Representatives of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic said that they had lost around 50 fighters in Monday’s fight for control of Donetsk airport, while the Kiev-appointed mayor of Donetsk, Oleksandr Lukyanchenko, said that there were around 40 dead, including two civilians. He claimed that many of the dead were Russian citizens…

THE GUARDIAN — May 19, 2014

Ukraine: Crimea’s Tatars Mark 70th Anniversary of Soviet-Era Deportations

Defying a ban by their new Russian-backed rulers, thousands of Crimean Tatars gathered at a mosque on Sunday to commemorate the day 70 years ago that the mass deportation of their families began under the orders of the Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Crimea’s Muslim Tatars are among the most vociferous opponents of Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and have condemned as "inhuman" the temporary ban on mass gatherings, which was issued days before the symbolic date in the minority group’s history…

THE GUARDIAN — April 23, 2014

US Warns Russia over Ukraine as Moscow Announces Military Exercises

The crisis in Ukraine deepened further overnight following the departure of the US vice-president, Joe Biden, from Kiev after a two-day visit. In a late-night phone call, the US secretary of state, John Kerry, told the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, of his “deep concern over the lack of positive Russian steps to de-escalate” the crisis in eastern Ukraine, a state department official said. Kerry also called on Russia to “tone down escalatory rhetoric”…

THE GUARDIAN — April 18, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Geneva Talks Produce Agreement on Defusing Conflict

The US, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have reached agreement on a series of immediate steps aimed at pulling eastern Ukraine back from the brink of war. The deal, clinched after a dramatic extended meeting in Geneva, calls for the disarming of all illegal groups. In the next few days they would have to vacate all the government buildings and public spaces they have occupied over the course of the crisis…

THE GUARDIAN — April 3, 2014

Nasa Cuts Ties with Russia over Ukraine Crisis, Except for Space Station

After insisting that space relations would not be altered by earthly politics, Nasa on Wednesday said it was severing ties with Russia over the Ukraine crisis, except for the International Space Station. Nasa employees cannot travel to Russia or host visitors until further notice. They are also barred from emailing or holding teleconferences with their Russian counterparts because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, according to a memo sent to workers…

THE GUARDIAN — March 31, 2014

Ukraine’s Darth Vader Bids to Lead Nation to the Dark Side

As Ukraine battles to stave off dark forces of its own, the Star Wars villain Darth Vader announced at the weekend he was running for president in a bid to restore glory to the downtrodden nation. The Sith lord, or at least an unnamed costumed protester often seen on Kiev’s Independence Square flanked by his loyal stormtroopers during the winter protests, has been chosen as the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet party (UIP) which has become known for its theatrical public stunts…

THE GUARDIAN — March 24, 2014

Russian Troops May Be Massing to Invade Ukraine, Says White House

Russian forces gathering on the border with eastern Ukraine may be poised to invade, the White House warned on Sunday, as the government in Kiev said that the prospect of war with Moscow was continuing to grow after the annexation of Crimea. Speaking after Nato’s top commander in Europe voiced alarm about the size and preparedness of the Russian troop buildup, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Tony Blinken, said President Vladimir Putin may indeed be readying further action…

THE GUARDIAN — March 19, 2014

Putin Confirms Crimea Annexation as Ukraine Soldier Becomes First Casualty

Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of Crimea on Tuesday, denouncing western hypocrisy in a searing speech to political elites in Moscow that is likely to go down as one of the defining moments of his long rule over Russia. In an hour-long speech in the Kremlin, shot through with angry rhetoric, the Russian president said western politicians “call something white today and black tomorrow” and aired a long list of foreign policy grievances going back to 2000, saying “we were cheated again and again, with decisions being taken behind our back”…

THE GUARDIAN — February 25, 2014

Viktor Yanukovych No Longer Leading Ukraine, US Declares

The Obama administration has signalled it no longer recognises Viktor Yanukovych as Ukraine’s president as western support firms up for the new leadership in Kiev. Jay Carney, the main White House spokesman, said that although Yanukovych “was a democratically elected leader, his actions have undermined his legitimacy and he is not actively leading the country at present”...

THE GUARDIAN — February 6, 2014

Ukraine Protest Leader Says he Was Tortured into Saying He Was a US Spy

A Ukrainian anti-government activist who fled the country after being abducted said he had been forced under torture to declare himself a US spy. Dmytro Bulatov, the leader of a protest group known as AutoMaidan, said his kidnappers forced him to say on camera that he had accepted money from the US embassy to organise anti-government protests in Ukraine...

THE GUARDIAN — February 2, 2014

Ukraine Stands on the Brink – and Europe Must Bring it Back

This is no velvet revolution, but nor is it an uprising of fascist Cossacks or a zero-sum game with Russia. Europe must intervene on the side of democracy and human rights. Ukraine has not yet died – as the country’s anthem observes. But the face of Ukraine today is that of the bloodied, scarred opposition activist Dmytro Bulatov. Comparisons with Bosnia are still far-fetched, but think of this as a political Chernobyl…

THE GUARDIAN — January 29, 2014

Ukraine Considers Amnesty as Former President Warns of Civil War

Ukraine’s parliament is considering measures to grant amnesty to those arrested during weeks of protests, but possibly with conditions attached that would be unacceptable to the opposition. Two amnesty proposals are up for a parliamentary vote on Wednesday, one of which says amnesty would be granted only if demonstrators left the streets and vacated buildings that they occupy...

THE GUARDIAN — January 24, 2014

Ukraine: Protesters in Kyiv Urged to Keep Truce After Talks End in Stalemate

Opposition leaders begged protesters in Kyiv to keep observing a truce with riot police late on Thursday night, after long talks with President Viktor Yanukovych ended without a major breakthrough...

THE GUARDIAN — January 4, 2014

Welcome Ukraine into the EU and Restore Faith in the Project

Granting Ukraine accession wouldn’t just help Ukrainians, it could end pessimism in the union and build bridges to Russia. In the west, the past two weeks have been a time of respite from politics as people celebrated Christmas and new year. At the same time in Kiev, stalwart Ukrainians in their thousands have spent day and night on "Euromaidan" protesting against the blocking of their road to Europe. It is hard to imagine how someone can stand and sleep on the street in winter for entire days and weeks...

THE GUARDIAN — December 18, 2013

Vladimir Putin Offers Ukraine Financial Incentives to Stick with Russia

Moscow to buy $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and cut gas price after Kyiv resists signing EU deal amid mass protests…

THE GUARDIAN — December 17, 2013

In Ukraine, We are Protesting to Preserve our Dignity

We in Euromaidan want the world to understand that we are not here for politics or money but justice…

THE GUARDIAN — December 16, 2013

Ukrainian President Heads to Russia to Discuss Loans

Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, will go to Moscow on Tuesday in an attempt to secure loans and energy benefits after failing to extract promises of billions in aid from the European Union…

THE GUARDIAN — December 11, 2013

Ukraine Protests: Outrage as Police Attack Kyiv Barricades

Thousands of riot police carried out a co-ordinated attack on barricades in Kiev during the dead of night on Wednesday – a determined and unexpected crackdown on protesters who have occupied the centre ofUkraine’s capital for the past fortnight. As temperatures fell to -13C (9F) during the coldest night of the winter to date, columns of riot police closed in on Independence Square, hub of the protests that erupted after President Viktor Yanukovych pulled out of an association pact with the EU that had been due for signing at a summit in Vilnius last month...

THE GUARDIAN — December 11, 2013

Ukraine Protesters Rebuild Barricades After Police Assault

Kiev’s Independence Square had the atmosphere of a medieval tent camp preparing for siege on Wednesday evening as thousands of protesters worked in battalions to shovel snow into sandbags and rebuild barricades while the national anthem rang out...

THE GUARDIAN — December 5, 2013

Ukraine Protests: Mediator Flies in as Paralysing Standoff Continues

Council of Europe’s secretary general calls on Ukrainian authorities to launch independent inquiry into police violence.

THE GUARDIAN — September 23, 2013

Ukraine’s EU Trade Deal Will Be Catastrophic, Says Russia

The Kremlin has warned Ukraine that if the country goes ahead with a planned agreement on free trade with the EU, it faces inevitable financial catastrophe and possibly the collapse of the state. Russia is making a last-minute push to derail the integration agreement, which is due to be signed in late November…

THE GUARDIAN — June 10, 2013

England’s Group Gets Tighter After Ukraine Beat Montenegro

England’s World Cup qualifying group has tightened considerably after Ukraine thrashed the Group H leaders Montenegro 4-0 on Friday, the defeated hosts finishing with nine men in Podgorica. While the result has kept England closer to top spot and taking the sole automatic qualifying place for the finals in Brazil next year, Ukraine’s victory has brought them sharply into contention...

THE GUARDIAN — December 20, 2012

Rare White Lion Cubs Born in Ukraine - Video

Yalta zoo in Ukraine celebrates the birth in captivity of three white lion cubs. The cubs are being bottle-fed inside the zoo as it’s too cold for them to be outside with their parents. The birth of white South African lions in captivity is a rare event, especially when three cubs come at once...

THE GUARDIAN — December 19, 2012

From Thailand to Ukraine: a Country’s in Vogue When It Has Its Own Vogue

Launches in Thailand and Ukraine next year will bring the number of international Vogues to 21. Until the 1960s, there were only five editions of Vogue: in the US, UK, France, Italy and Australia. In the past 40 years, economic growth around the globe has been tracked by the arrival of Vogue editors: Russia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan...

THE GUARDIAN — November 7, 2012

Letter from Ukraine: Cafe Culture

The city of Lviv celebrates its diverse past through a range of themed cafes, from secret hideouts to masochism. With its cobblestone streets and 18th-century architecture, Lviv is a living museum of imperial Europe. A rare display of the Austro-Hungarian legacy in western Ukraine, it is a place where rickety tramcars clack along winding rails, church bells jingle in the air, and pigeons flutter from one faded monument to another...

THE GUARDIAN — November 6, 2012

Ukraine Village Finds Wedded Bliss at Centre of Huge Dress Industry

Voloka is the post-Soviet capital of nuptials. Every third building is a wedding shop, and buyers come from the other side of the world, attracted by the high quality and low prices of the garments. "Recently one American came to us, choosing dresses for the boutique which he plans to open in the US," says Kateryna Yeremitsa inside her home...

THE GUARDIAN — September 12, 2012

Ukraine Are the Toughest Side in England’s Group Says Joleon Lescott

Joleon Lescott was confident England have played what he expects to be their toughest World Cup qualifier, after Frank Lampard spared his side’s blushes in their 1-1 draw against Ukraine...

THE GUARDIAN — September 12, 2012

England v Ukraine: Five Talking Points From World Cup Qualifier

Ukraine are ranked 39th in the world while England, albeit mystifyingly, are third, yet all Hodgson’s team could offer was huff and puff until their luck turned late on. Next month’s trip to Poland, another threat, feels horribly awkward...

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