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Travelling Around Ukraine

The best way to travel around Ukraine is by train. It is also possible to reach major Ukrainian cities by air. Such services are provided by both Ukrainian and international low cost airlines. The biggest Ukrainian air operators are Aerosvit and Ukraine International Airlines. They serve numerous domestic as well as international destinations. More affordable budget flights to and from Ukraine have become available with the opening of the Wizz Air office in Kyiv.

In the cities travellers may use metro (underground), buses, trams, trolleybuses, and the most convenient taxi services.

Train System

The well-developed train system in Ukraine is your best choice when traveling within the country and enjoying the countryside. Either a long-distance, intercity or a suburban train can get you to nearly every city and town in Ukraine. Train tickets can be purchased at the railroad stations or at the main railway ticket-office in Kyiv, which is located within the walking distance of the Universytet Metro station on 38/40 Shevchenko Boulevard. Ticket fares vary depending on the distance to the destination point, however they are relatively cheap in comparison to those of the EU. In high seasons it is advised to buy tickets well in advance. However, the ticket price is flat no matter if you buy it well in advance or minutes before the train departure. Additional information on railroad services is available on the Railroad's Web site (Ukrainian only).

City Public Transportation:

Metro is available in the major cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. Prices for a Metro ride vary from city to city. In Kyiv and Kharkiv expect to pay UAH 2 for a single ride with all transfers within the Metro System included in the price. Ukraine's Metro is fast, safe, reliable and relatively cheap in comparison to the EU local means of transportation. In addition, the Metro system in the capital Kyiv is a sight worth seeing: some stations are lavishly decorated with marble, mosaics, bass-relieves and chandeliers. Kyiv Metro also boasts the deepest underground descent in the world – you can check the depth while you travel two escalators down in the centrally located Arsenalna Metro station.

Buses, Trams, Trolleybuses connect the different parts of the city. Almost all public transportation routes go by some Metro station. The price for a single ride is UAH 1.50-2, tickets can be bought in a vehicle or in a kiosk at the stop and have to be validated with a ticket-punch at the beginning of the ride.

City Shuttle Bus or “Marshrutka” mostly runs the same route as the bus, tram or trolleybus, however, more frequently.The small shuttle buses almost replaced the defunct buses in the nineties and still run around the cities connecting the most unlikely destinations and, therefore, being very popular albeit being not very comfortable (usually they get full at the beginning of the route). Take “marshrutka” only when you are sure of its route, since the fast shuttle buses’ stops might differ from the one of a respective bus, tram or trolleybus. Shuttle bus price might vary depending on the length of a route and falls approximately between UAH 2-3.

Taxi is the most expensive way to get around the city. The cars marked by a taxi cab symbols can be stopped on the street, however, the price on the spot can differ from the price for the car ordered via the phone.

The extensive list of Kyiv taxi services can be found here.

It should be noted that the operators rarely speak fluent English, so stopping a taxi cab on the street and showing the written address to the driver might be a solution.
Several taxi services you might check:


(098) 535-52-52


(095) 248-3333




(044) 393-7-393

(093) 639-33-33