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Ukrainian rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage is manifested in nearly every corner of the country. Kyiv alone boasts more than 2,000 historical, cultural and architectural monuments: medieval churches, cathedrals and monastic complexes; tsarist era baroque palaces and theaters; Soviet neo-Empire style buildings and architectural complexes.

Other cities that are both beautiful and rich in historical and cultural sights include Lviv, Kamyanets Podilsky, Chernihiv, Uman, Odesa and many more. While the smaller towns hold the reigns of folk traditions bearers, large cities of Ukraine host vibrant and cosmopolitan artistic life with plenty of museums, galleries and exhibition centers.

Ukraine’s nature with its beautiful landscapes, plenty of national parks, forests, recreational areas, seas and lakes, healing air and mineral springs of Carpathians and Crimea, provide an unforgettable travel experience.

You can find more specific information on traveling around Ukraine, including local transportation here.