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Postgraduate Education

Many students who wish to pursue the academic career in Ukraine continue studies at the same university where they received their Master’s. The postgraduate education system in Ukraine, as many note, needs reformation, since it largely remains highly bureaucratised and outdated.

Pretty much following the tradition established in the Soviet times, the future scholars enter “aspirantura”, which is post-graduate or research school at the university of their interest. The research program graduates, who have successfully fulfilled all the program requirements including the dissertation paper, are conferred the title of Candidate of Sciences. The “candidates” are eligible to hold an Associate Professor position at the universities or a researcher position at relevant think tanks. Those who wish to further increase their knowledge of the field, pursue a higher level of post-graduate studies, called “doktorantura” with more sophisticated requirements toward the scientific contribution to the field. The successful graduates are conferred the degree of Doctor of Sciences with the right to hold the position of a Professor or a Head of a scholarly institution.

Currently, the Ukrainian postgraduate education system is struggling with accommodating its existing traditions with the western-type approaches towards the academia.