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Graduate Education

There are state universities that provide fully funded education for the enrolled students and private universities charging tuition fee, either on semester or yearly basis. However, even the state Universities due to the scarcity of budget places, can offer placement for the interested and qualified candidates who can fund their own studies. A basic stipend is offered to the full-time students depending on their academic achievements. Many universities also provide placement in the dormitories for the full-time students. More information on stipend and scholarships can be found on the Web sites of the universities.

The universities offer three main degrees: a four-year of studies Bachelor Degree, a five-year Specialist Degree, which is traditional for the post-Soviet states, and finally, the western-type Master Degree, which is also conferred upon a student after either 5 or 6 years of studies. Although, study- and time-wise Specialist Degree is a full equivalent to the western Master’s, it is not recognized as such abroad. There are certain degrees, such as medical and engineering, which require longer years of studies in order to receive appropriate qualification.

Most universities in Ukraine offer classes in Ukrainian language (except for the professional language schools), however there are number of programs offered in English; information on which can be found on the universities’ Web-sites.