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With almost every building in the old town being a historical landmark, Kyiv’s almost a hundred museums might be not that many, but it is certainly enough to entertain the most curious visitor. The biggest Kyiv museum complexes will require some walking because some museums’ subdivisions are located on different streets of the city. One of such examples is also one of the most cherished and beloved by Kyivans—The National Sanctuary Sophia of Kyiv (Kyivska). This National Sanctuary includes several museums—Golden Gate museum (40a Volodymyrska Street), Saint Andrew’s Church (23 Andriivsky Uzviz), XII-century Kyrilivska Church—and its crown jewel—the XI-century Saint Sophia Cathedral (22 Volodymyrska Street).

The National Sanctuary Sophia of Kyiv (also known as the Saint Sophia Cathedral) is one of the most visited sights of Kyiv, the city famous for its ancient golden-domed churches. For the most comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian Art, visit the National Art Museum of Ukraine. This museum on 6 Hrushevskogo Street was designed in 19th century by the renowned architect Vladislav Gorodetsky, the creator of the House with Chimaeras. The majestic six-column building with two big concrete lions guarding the entrance holds the rich collection of the Ukrainian fine art. The visitors can see the rare icons from 11th—16th centuries, sculptures, graphic arts and the modern paintings. The collection of the museum includes about 40000 items and is designed to represent all periods of Ukrainian fine art development from Kyivan Rus to the modern days. The art-lovers would also appreciate the great collection of the paintings by the renowned 20th century’s Ukrainian artists, representing different styles of painting.

The big museum complexes and sumptuously decorated churches-museums coexist with cozy museums memorial-houses of the famous Ukrainians: artists, directors, writers and musicians. The traditional museums of history and art share its place on the leisure activities’ list with some niche museums dedicated to particular issues: museum of books and printing, museum of bread, museum of water, museum of beekeeping and so on.