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Foreign Language Libraries

It seems that the most obvious option for an expat or a visitor, who wishes to read a nice book, is to go search foreign literature stacks in the nearest bookstore. However, there are still some oases in the capital’s library world providing foreign visitors with some native language printed entertainment. American library at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, located in Podil neighborhood on 8/5 Voloska Street has 9,000 books, mostly by American writers or published in the USA, about 20 names of periodicals and a collection of DVDs. The patron can check out almost all books from the collection except for reference books and art albums, which are available only at the reading room.

One of the few if not the only foreign language library that can boast more languages than English, is the Foreign department of the Lesia Ukrainka’s library with its choice of Spanish, French, Polish, German and of course English books.

As the reader of the Lesia Ukrainka library’s foreign department (located on 2/7 Davydova Boulevard), you’d get access to 30,000 books and many printed periodicals, Newsweek and People among them as well as the local English-language magazines and newspapers. The newest books and reference literature are available in the reading room only. The books on the stacks are mostly language manuals, classical literature or bestsellers. Often the readers donate foreign books to the library. When you’re out to explore the libraries of Kyiv, you might keep in mind that there is a possibility that the person at the circulation desk would not speak fluent English, so be prepared to practice your Ukrainian or Russian, at least until you get to the stacks.