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GOGOLFEST is an annual Ukrainian multidisciplinary international festival of contemporary art. It was founded back in 2007 following the private initiative. The festival features five types of art: theater, music, film, literature, and visual art. Most of the events of the festival take place at the Kyiv’s Museum Artistic Arsenal.

The festival bears the name of a celebrated Ukrainian-Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. The talented novelist and dramatist of the early 19th century was one of the most prominent figures in the natural school of Russian literary realism whose works combined culture and spirit of Ukrainian and Russian nations.

But despite being named after the famous writer the festival is not a tribute to the artist. On the contrary, the festival promotes modern art. “GOGOLFEST, in spite of its name, was not conceived as an event dedicated solely to Gogol’s literary heritage. It is rather a multidisciplinary venue for public contemplation of the new landscape of the European artistic and creative mentality. Thus one of our primary missions is to showcase the new European face of Ukraine and its people”, explains the founder of the festival Vladyslav Troitskiy.

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